1943 Colt 1911A1 45ACP - SOLD

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    This is another pistol from my wifes Widow friend. First, it was not taken care of and sports a lot of of exterior rust damage. I was tempted to buy it and try the 'sandblasting and refinishing course of action', but just have too many projects here already. 'All' numbers match (including the slide serial number) and all parts are correct. The trigger, recoil spring bushing cap, hammer, MSH, slide release and safety all have the same crosscut pattern on them. All proof marks are correct. Comes with 1 Mag. The grips are period but no way to know if they are correct to the pistol. I tore the pistol completely down and all internals are in very good shape including the barrel which has a very good and shiny bore. As is, it would make a great shooter, pistol is snug with hardly any slide to frame play. The slide and frame rails could stand some smoothing. Now the bad, this gun was left up 'wet' somewhere for quite a period of time. The rust was stopped (but not repaired) and the pistol was Re-Blued back in the mid 1960's. Yep, 'Rust' was a big issue on the pistol but appears to be external only. This is 'not' a 'Pretty' pistol but if it could only talk. Verified 1943 'Pure Colt' WWII Issue. Please study all of the pictures posted, and if you have 'any' questions please PM me. I can take more photo's upon request. Thanx for helping the Widow out ...... :)

    Asking price is $485 (OBO) and 'possible' partial trades considered, but I would have to make up the difference out of my pocket. Priority Shipping from my FFL to your FFL would be $25. Thanx again all .....

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