1938 Mosin Nagant 91/30 Tula

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    I bought this rifle two years ago and I cleaned it up, but have never shot it.

    Round receiver, low sidewall. Rifle has been recrowned but not counterbored. Bore reflects light, rifling is strong, has some pitting but nothing serious / does not shred patches. Shellac is in good condition. All serial numbers match. Most proof marks are still visible on the stock and receiver. Cosmo has been cleaned from the chamber, so it should not bind. Action is very smooth for a rifle of this type.


    *140 rounds light ball (147 gr) corrosive ammo
    *No-go Gauge / For Headspacing
    *2 x A-Zoom snap caps in 7.62x54r (gotta practice that heavy trigger pull)
    *Ammo pouches, mosin tool, sling, and bayo (all surplus)

    Asking $140 cash, face to face transactions in Salem only.

    Will consider trader for STOCK Ruger 10/22 Carbine or Marlin 60 in 'good' condition.

    I've only one photo up right now, it's the rifle pictured on the top... If there's any interest I will be posting more photos this weekend.

    Email me w/ questions, junior@denezol.com, or leave a msg/text 503-428-0322.

    Must show Oregon Driver's License at time of purchase.

    Thanks for looking,


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