WTS WA 1937 Buckley horse racing slot machine – asking $3500

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    1937 Buckley Track Odds horse racing themed slot machine. GREAT COLLECTIBLE...GREAT INVESTMENT---It was a gift from my wife 32 years ago. Rare full functioning nickel machine with electro mechanical console style vintage slot machine. Track odds features 3 different types of animation: Once player makes bets and pulls handle...(1) light up movement spins beneath playfield to select horse, (2) prior to first animation stopping, the 2nd animation features a spinning drum for the determination of payout odds by horse, and (3) prior to 1st and 2nd animation stopping, the 3rd animation begins which is the light rotation under the playfield of the "daily double" selector. Then 1-2-3 the animations stop in the sequence that they started.
    ORIGINAL CONDITION: Game is complete and working. Machine is complete and mechanically 100% and is original. As you can see from the pictures, the top glass is a perfect original glass.
    GAME PLAY: Coin is placed into slot 1 through 7. The bet is on horse 1 through 7. Horses 1 through 6 are each featured in the odds of coming up 3 times. Horse number 7 -- the long shot -- is featured only once. The payout odds increase based on horse number 7 and randomly change for the other horses. 3 different animations start and go through their whirling, whizzing and light animation prior to coming to a close and selecting the winning horse and payout amount. It has a lot of documentation, diagrams and schematics to assist in finding a dirty contact or connection which due to the age and my lack of use results in a need to clean contacts from time to time. Contact Ken if your interrested IMGP3640.JPG IMGP3642.JPG
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