1935 Mosler Safe from Post Office

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    I purchased this safe from the City of McMinville, they had lost the combo and were selling as scrap. A not so bright individual in their public works dept. tried to open the safe by drilling and removing the hinges. Only got one of before someone informed him that the bolts go all the way through both sides of door. I had a professional safe locksmith come out and open safe. It took seven hours to get through and open. He explained to me how to properly repair the drill hole to like new integrity. He said it was one of the best constructed safes he had ever seen. The hinge can be fabricated at any reputible metal shop and installed easily. The Mosler safe company is no longer in business so they dont do repairs. The safe is completely functional right now and I have the new combo. It can be reset by the new owner. Look up the manufacturor online and you will see a reputation that is legendary. Some of their Safes have survived nuclear blasts. Size approx. 6'x3'x3'. Dark green in color. 5 pairs of locking bolts. Well over 1000 lbs.

    The bad-needs small amount of metal work done(drill hole and top hinge)

    The Good, Amazingly built, antique, great pedigree, heavy as the moon, and a great deal.

    $600 OBO

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    Photo's would help a lot. Many of us would be interested in a 6' tall safe.

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