1930s BULLDOZER Caterpillar Gas Twenty Two 1800.00

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    Ok, not something i would normally post here but figured what the heck! I'm into guns and i have been having a blast with these Tonka toys! :thumbup:

    This is a 1930s bulldozer/crawler that runs on gas and weighs about 7k lbs with the blade and hydraulics. Maybe a little bit more.

    I have replaced the magneto with a new period correct "lunchbox" Eismann model. Rebuilt the carburetor. Replaced the cracked exhaust box. I also replaced a couple hydraulic hoses. I got her running last week and was able to crank her over by hand. In the next couple days i will tune her up and run her a bit just to make sure everything is working properly.
    The undercarriage is in pretty good shape, no cracked rollers and the sprockets have a lot of life left on them as do the tracks. the brakes appear to be good and the gears are all free. I have sold 2 other Crawlers of the same model as this to Australia for 3200.00 apiece, and even though the buyer paid shipping it is more hoops than i really want to jump through at this time.

    This is when i first bought her and hadnt cleaned her up yet. she has since had a bath and looks a little better. this was taken after she had sat for approx 10 years, it appeared that a hydraulic line broke and was parked and never fixed for some reason.

    I would rather have cash at this time but might consider trades of firearms towards her. i would set cash value at 1800 and trade at 2100.. these little cats are alot of fun to clear brush, blackberries, and even small trees! I have used one of the first cat 22's i had to pull another 13,500 lb caterpillar so they have quite a bit of power! This is a wide track model if you cant tell by the picture.


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