1924 DWM german luger

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    I have an all numbers matching german luger.( serial number dates it to 1924
    1 original wood bottom magazine.
    Chambered in .30 luger
    finish is probably 85-90% condition
    No rust.
    I have two of these in .30 luger and they are great shooters.
    Looking at selling or trading
    I am asking 1000.00 cash.
    If you buy it i will throw in 150 rds of ammunition
    I can possibly send more pictures to interested buyers.

    Trades i am looking for would be,Any 9mm luger,walther p38s,1911's,ar platform rifles,ak type rifles,fal,galils.
    I LOVE GLOCKS,or what do you have?
    I will need to see appropriate id.( cwp,wsdl,leo)and would like a personal bill of sale
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