1918 BAR Mags-M3/M3A1 Mag + misc.

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    WTS... Cleaning out the shop, selling off stuff I'll never use..

    1. 1970's to early 2000's Gun magazines, mostly American Rifleman. have a whole apple box of em. Lots of reading for $5.

    2. Box of misc stuff. perfect for a gun show table. Items include: 1944 US mess kit, Rem 870 Stock (shortened), Remington plastic buttplate, Repro M1 carbine buttplate, (2) holsters, ammo pouch, , sling, Weaver 1" base & rings, Daisy Powerline 1700 CO2 pistol, 1956 US Army wool service cap, 1891/30 Mosin Nagant diagram labeled "Restricted, Security Information, (4) Danish 30/06 bandoleers, 1897 Winchester 16ga mag spring. Take it all for $40.

    I'm located in the Salem/Keizer area. Please call 503-559-6342
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