1911 Remington UMC

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    I've had this pistol for about 10 years or so. I inherited it from a great uncle because I'm the only one in the family who likes firearms. Anyway I have been doing some research about it. Based off serial number looks like it was made in 1913, it is a Remington UMC, not a Colt which is quite a bit more rare and all the markings match to what I have looked up online. I put it up on gunvaluesboard .com and a couple guys said it should be worth around $2500. Anyone have any more knowledge on this? Tried to put a photo up but it wouldn't work.
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    Remington UMC 1911's were first produced in 1918. The balance were produced in 1919 and were used by the "Polar Bears" in Vladvistock, Russia while aiding and assisting the White Russian(Non Communist) armies. Many were refurbished and put back into service. Serial numbers do not fit into normal ranges for 1911's as they were started with 1 and went to about 25,000(give or take 400). Lowest number I have seen is 284, highest is around 9,000. Depending on condition, and fit and finish they can be worth 2500, and sometimes bring more. Right now, price is whatever someone is willing to pay......

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