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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Ballistic, Nov 23, 2011.

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    I was recently whining to my friends how i can't afford a 1911 and rarely get to even shoot one. So on the next range day, my coworker brought two of his and passed a couple of 8 round clips for each.

    Shooting his pretty new full size S&W (i don't know the model) produced the following results at 7 yards. Ignore the marked hole; it's a stray from a different gun.

    Judging from the diagonal slant of the bullet holes, i have some trigger issues. But it is a nice gun.

    Then i got to try his 80 year old Essex.

    The first shots went astray because i was not ready for such a light trigger. But once i settled down... wow! What a sweet gun! If i didn't know there were 16 rounds, i wouldn't be able to count them.

    Since my friend has two 1911s, i offered to take the old one off his hands, but he said no. I'll tell you, people just don't understand charity any more...
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    Once you feel the 1911 fever, it'll never go away. Glad you enjoyed it. My latest addition is a Sig C3 1911. Awesome gun with a superb trigger. As to the keyholing, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. If you're only using paper targets with no backing (cardboard, etc), it isn't uncommon to get slight tears at the side of the hole as the bullet penetrates the target, because the bullet not only penetrates the target but moves it. Try it with cardboard backing and see if it disappears.

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