You may be asking... "how could he outdo his last for sale thread?" Well, maybe you are right, but I think I'll let this gun speak for itself instead...

Yikes, that is one beauty of a full size 1911. Yeah, you should feel the trigger too! This is my baby, my 2nd born 1911 that I've decided to sell in order to keep the 1st born (The Springfield Range Officer).

This gun is ACCURATE. Either that or I am. Well, I don't consider myself too accurate, so I'll say it's the gun. Have you ever shot 38 super? BOY what a rush. This thing sounds big and bad and looks bad but kicks like a 7 year old girly girl. Ok, ok, bad analogy, but you get the point. It recoils like a 9mm but shoots with almost as much power as .357 Magnum. Look into 38 super if you have any questions. Oh and every Fisherman's Marine right now sells .38 Super +P Factory boxes at $22.99 a box. Just so you know you can get ammo right now!!

Anyway, like I said before, let's have the gun do the talking...


Also, if you're into reloading, look into my threads about to go up on the reloading classifieds. I'm putting up 240 pieces of brass, some Accurate #7 powder, 38 cal bullets and primers all to get you started! Also, I'm putting up a brand new Wilson Combat Barrel Bushing Compensator that would work great with 38 super and this gun!

OK, now, on to price. How much damage will this do to your marriage??? Not too much! I would take $650 CASH for this killer of a deal!!

Boy am I under pricing this one! But the wife and Amex are out to get me!

Buy it and get:
All factory loaded 38 super +p

Feel free to PM and tell me you'll take it. Of course if you have the money. ;-)

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