1911 magazines, Colt (2) and USGI (10), 9mm, and other collectible

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    I've got a ton of good magazines and parts :), and a new Ruger to pay for :(. So some belt tightening is in order. Paypal only on these to speed things along. If you are opposed to paypal, I can take Gpal (nee Gunpal).

    1) Two near-new Colt (Checkmate OEM) 7rd. blue magazines. Clean and sharp, ready to go. $43 shipped.

    2) Mess of USGI cold war magazines. '80s vintage Checkmate (one is Kasdan) build. All real GI spec, not gun show fakes. Used, but cleaned, tested, oiled and solid working condition, no junk. I have about 10 total extra. Priced:

    2 - $40 shipped
    4 - $75 shipped
    6 - $105 shipped

    3) 9mm (no pics)

    1 each blued Mec-Gar (welded base) and Metalform (removable base) 9mm 1911 full size mags. $22 each shipped. (no pics, but excellent shape, near new).

    4) Collectible Colt magazines

    I have a WWI two-tone, pre-WWII nickel, WWII unit marked (VT-21 Navy), and pre-70 blue and nickel magazines, too. Pricey, so email me if interested. $60 to $300 each for these.

    5) If you need GI WWI or WII parts, email me as I may have what you need, triggers, grip safeties, thumb safeties, sear/disconnector sets, sear springs, hammers, etc. (no barrels right now). Market rates per GunBroker, etc.



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