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Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by Mobius, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Hey all, I'm in the market for a little pistol to plink around with. I'm hoping to find a Phoenix or Jennings hp-22 or something along those lines. I would even be open to a little derringer of some sort, yes, even a .25 Raven... Really just an itty bitty something to have some fun with.

    What I have to offer is a beautiful set of hand carved checkered rosewood grips for a Full sized 1911 and what I believe to be a type 2 model colt 1911 hammer with hammer strut. I paid 60.00 for the grips and the hammer cost me 25.00 if memory serves me correctly. I since had to sell my 1911 and ths are just collecting dust now.

    Lets make a deal!

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