1911 Detonics September 11, 2001 Commemorative TRADED

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    The Detonics 1911 .45 Model 9/11/01 Commemorative. ANIB with two magazines (1 Wilson Combat) and the owners manual. (There is a very, very light idiot mark on it – you can barely see it) A very beautiful and Target Grade Stainless Steel .45 commemorating the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. Very nice with a bushing-less barrel, a full length guide rod and a target crown. The trigger is also adjustable for travel. Includes the Factory Detonics case. This is a 70 Series style pistol ..... not like the Colt 80 Series. A strong message with a USA 3 digit serial number. Some trades 'may' be considered. The asking price is $785. I will sell to anyone, in any state, who may legally own it. Your FFL must be accept shipments from a private seller.

    BTW, Detonics has always had the rear slide mounted forward a bit - to prevent hitting it when cocking the hammer. [/center]

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