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1911 and Shotgun match at TCGC

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by itgoesboom, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. itgoesboom

    itgoesboom Hillsboro Member

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    I was looking at the schedule for TCGC, and saw a match titled "Tactical, 1911/Pump Shotgun Match". Anyone know any details of this? Do I have to be a member to shoot the match? Round count?

    Any other info?

  2. NoOne

    NoOne Puget Sound Active Member

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    I wonder if this is the start of a Zoot Shooters group? There is a group of shooters called Zoot Shooters, who dress up like 1930's gangsters, and use firearms from that era. Sort of an offshoot of the cowboy shoots...just a different time frame, with different firearms and clothing. I think it sounds like it could be fun.

    RVTECH LaPine Well-Known Member

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    That does sound like fun but lets hope there is never a 'Tommy Gun' requirement - that could get spendy.
  4. justplainroy

    justplainroy Washington County New Member

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    Not zoot shooters, but it is a "throwback" month for the Tactical Match shooters. It's a match on the fourth Sunday of each month in the action pits and typically involves a shotgun, pistol and pistol-caliber carbine to shoot. Each April and October the match is a 1911/pump shotgun match and they have prize matches in January. Pistols are drawn from concealment (unless you're in LE duty gear) and there are generally 4-5 stages involving a couple dozen shooters. They're a really nice group of people and before I had a carbine many would loan me theirs.

    And don't worry if you don't have a 1911; they download Glocks, etc to 8 or 10 rounds so its competitive. The shotgun HAS to be a pump for this match, so I'll be there in May. Give it a shot!

    (get it? a shot...I slay myself sometimes...)