1911 .45 magazines for sale - Eight total, 6 blue and 2 ss, Metalform and others

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    I have eight random 1911 style magazines for sale. I have tons so I'm getting rid of the odds and ends and keeping just the antique GI ones and the Colt brand ones.

    All of these magazines have been used (or at least tested) with the following ammunition a) 200 LSWC b) 200LRN c) 230 FMJ d) 230 HP in the following guns:

    1) 2007 Colt Commander
    2) 1980 Colt Government
    3) 1954 FM Sistema Colt

    All of those guns are unmodified, production guns. All ammo types fed from each magazine, and the magazines locked back the slide on all guns. I view this as a good test of the magazines. I did not test it in my other 1911s as they were either custom or off brands. I think this means they should work fine in your gun as long as it's in spec.

    OK, basically they fall neatly into pairs. All are flush fit. The four Metalform ones are pre-drilled for pads if you want; the others are not. None have been used much at all and most are like new. Pictures below:

    1) Metalform 7rd, with wadcutter lips, rounded bullnose followers and welded bases. Blue. $26 each new, ($60 shipped). Here for [span style='font-weight: bold;']$30 pair shipped.[/span]
    2) Metalform, 8rd, with welded bases and Devel/CMC followers, hybrid lips. Blue. $26 each new, ($60 shipped). Here for [span style='font-weight: bold;']$30 pair shipped.[/span]
    3) One pair of 7rd blue mags, Colt hybrid lips, rounded followers. Unknown maker. I can observe however they are well made with close attention to the tubes, bottom finish, etc. They are not cheap Chinese junk, but I can't recall where I got them. My suspicion is they are MecGar mags made as OEM for 1911 maker. [span style='font-weight: bold;']$26 pair shipped.[/span]
    4) One pair of 7rd. ss magazines. One is just like above pair, other is Mecgar and with wadcutter lips. [span style='font-weight: bold;']$26 pair shipped.[/span]

    Take the lot for $105 shipped. They all work well and are quality magazines.

    Pair 1)


    Pair 2):


    Pair 3, plus one of pair 4):


    Last of pair 4):


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