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Springfield Armory
30-06 Springfield
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This is a double heat treated Springfield receiver and bolt, commonly referred to as a High Number and it's safe to shoot! This rifle was built and blued by a close family friend 40+ years ago. He turned the NOS Springfield barrel while leaving the date intact. He also took the custom walnut stock down from a blank. The receiver was manufactured in 1918 and the NOS barrel he added is stamped 6-34. There is a super light Timney trigger installed. I have a snap cap if you want to dry fire. The scope is a K4 and mounted with a Buehler base and rings. I'm not sure if this K4 is mil. or civilian. It's possible he could've pulled it from an m1d or c? If you are a little more versed in the K4's please reach out to me via PM and if there is a correction to be made or there's something I'm missing please let me know there. The gun was test fired and given to my grandfather as a gift. At that point in his life he was already done shooting anything beyond low base quail loads, and 22s and graciously accepted the gun and handed it off to me. I was the only person to get some light use out of the rifle. So other than minimal bench sight ins, one buck, and five does out of the Alsea unit I've put less than 40 rounds through the gun since it was test fired after it's rebuild. I have looked extensively at actual completed (won/sold) listings and the prices for my guns condition vary anywhere (with or without scopes) from $500 to $900. Please help me keep this classified tidy. Feel free to post kudos, an "I'll Take It" or "PM Inbound or Sent" All other pertinent input, business, and questions need to be directed to my inbox please. Transfer will take place in Corvallis at Tick Licker Firearms and buyer pays fees. $450

11774A73-F22D-4CB8-9EBB-E46C51910B5E.jpeg 2F4AEB5C-4E4D-4EEB-8534-33FD62C0CAE4.jpeg E2644EFA-FBFC-45CD-AC41-293D09A60D79.jpeg 070ACAA2-6A4A-4716-A551-33A01E6A788A.jpeg 06BAC5CD-0F6E-48FA-A918-ED6050EBB721.jpeg 45AC78F3-130C-43CA-AF03-AF9C1CB35865.jpeg BA12FD44-4D7E-4C03-B5EB-DFB41FBCC593.jpeg 7BEEF516-E686-437F-B7EE-DE1C2280C49A.jpeg 7942008F-A0CA-455A-B7D1-2686A6D96D57.jpeg 39F1A159-7C11-4967-B069-0792C21F6417.jpeg
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