1889 Colt Revolver

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    I have, to the best of my knowledge, a functioning 1889 Colt navy revolver... Minus the barrel. The cylinder has NO locking notches and the longer cylinder flutes, it lockes up at the rear of the cylinder. All of the assembly numbers match, in rough shape but has original wooden grips with colt emblem. Would make a great parts gun or simply add your own barrel. I believe the caliber is .38colt but not certain.

    I also have an original 2" colt commando .38 SPL barrel. It fits on the 1889 frame but the 1889 is NOT .38 special

    Looking mostly for trades, its an old colt but I'm realistic. I'm open to other guns, gun stuff, reloading components, ammo (.22,.223/5.56, .40s&w) or a combo.
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    Photo please.

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