1873 COMANCHERO LEVER ACTION .357 / .38 $1500

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    Model 1873 "Comanchero" Lever Action .357 / .38 by Uberti having the slicked up short link action for cowboy shooting. 20" Octagon Barrel, Pistol Grip, and Leather Wrap of the lever and buttstock. Comes with the original box, a leather scabbard and also zip up rifle case.

    Waited over 6 months to receive the gun, but will not be doing cowboy shooting. Round count = 75 being one box of Remington UMC .38, and one box of Hornady .357. Smoothest lever action rifle you will ever shoot.

    Mint Condition $1500

    See my other ads for a matching Uberti .357 / .38 SA revolver and holster $400, and also the ad for 350 rounds of .38 Special ammo, 130 gr. Remington UMC $110.
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