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1863 Sharps Carbine


Likely you may have serious accuracy problems shooting modern loaded ammo as all I found for mine were bullets sized for modern reproductions and were undersized for original bores. The modern reproductions are several thousands tighter bore and the bullets fired in original bores won't stabilize and will keyhole. I didn't want to get into casting oversize bullets so just called it a wall hanger.

Buddy, you missed a big boat. It does take some learnin'. Ill grant you that.

What you learn in Blackpowder Cartridge loading grants you foundational science in ALL handloading.

No one apologizes for no "plug and play" feature offered here.
It took me a good while, and the popping of plenty of primers, before I hit on the THREE loads for my Winchester High Wall with its long-range express barl. Shooting a 300gr for noobs to try, and 405gr for mid-range and the 500gr for the long range took a deal of powder, and remember that most stuff we shoot over here is pricey like you won't believe. Thankfully, everything I shoot has to be in the spirit of the times, and lead is all you can shoot. No jacketed stuff in 1885. So I cast my bullets, too.

After all, it's meant to be FUN and enjoyable, and not a chore. Sure, I know folks who actually BUY .45-70 factory stuff to shoot in their big ol' Marlin underlevers, but they are better off than me by a good deal - that stuff costs around $2.70 a pop here.

Nobody I knows shoots a .50-70, but I know a fellow club member who has one. Here they are 'off-ticket', or Section 58 [Obsolete calibre] and anybody over 18 can walk into the store and buy one to hang on the wall. If you want to shoot it, well, that's a a chicken of a different kettle, and all the normal laws here apply, just like they would with any modern rifle.

Anyhow, you don't need to know all that stuff. All I know is that if that was mine, I'd be shooting the snot out of it in short order.
You are exactly on the right track here. Those cartridges you spend hard and big money for here will educate you toward what you might load for yourself. Man sellin' 'em is selling a good generic load that works in MOST guns. If yours does, all you have left is refinement.

If ya got the money buy 50

When you are waitin' for 'em to get here (startin' NOW) , Clean the Bejeezus outta that bore! Buy new solvent and go ahead on 'er!

We'll talk.
That would be so awesome!! I’ll scrub that bore some. Don’t be a stranger!
A good friend has a Sharps "Conversion" in 45-2 7/8 (45-110). The original firing pin is one piece cast and tends to break regularly. He managed to obtain a breech block from a blown up Pedersoli 1874 reproduction, and it fit right in and the broken firing pin thing stopped. You can get replacement firing pins, still cast one piece. They are rough cast so you have to do alot of filing to get them to fit in the block, but they have the same tendency to break after a time.

If you can find one or two oversized bullets (or better yet, a .54 Cal lead ball) you can slug the barrel to get an accurate bore measurement. Put a generous amount of Lubriplate down the barrel, and hammer that .54 ball through with a stout hardwood dowel. You'll get a good impression of the lands and grooves, and you can order a proper mold.

Too much advice to give in a post, so I would recommend buying "The Black Powder Cartridge Primer" by Steve Garbe and Mike Venturino. It has all the information you'll need to load and shoot those old BP cartridges. One thing I will say, the old rifles were NOT made for smokeless. I would not attempt to shoot any smokeless propellants out of that rifle unless you want to scrap it. I have witnessed more than one of those old rifles come unglued. That is a sweet rifle, take care of it.



" I would recommend buying "The Black Powder Cartridge Primer" by Steve Garbe and Mike Venturino."


Also Venturino's book on Shooting Buffalo Rifles. Mike traded guns with my father and he and I have exchanged correspondence. We touch base at the Kalispell show each year (but not this year...not a lot of things THIS year). He is methodical and direct.

If you have not purchased cartridges yet, I am rummaging in my "Fibber Mcgee" closet and FOUND STUFF!
Stay tuned.


Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - April 25-26th
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA


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