180 rds of .38 S&W and 205 rds of .22 WMR

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    edit: This is in the Lakewood/UP/Steilacoom area, just south of Tacoma.

    First up is the .38 S&W, divided as follows:

    - 130 rds of Remington Express 146gr lead round nose
    - 50 rds of Winchester Super-X 145gr lead round nose
    - Free bonus, 20 pieces of once-fired Rem brass

    I'd like $100 for the lot of 180 rounds ($0.55/rd). Alternatively, I'll trade for 250 rounds of any decent brass .45ACP or 500 rounds of any decent brass 9mm (S&B, Magtech, PMC, Rem, Win, etc.).

    Also, I have some .22 WMR:

    - 179 rds of CCI Maxi-Mag 40gr total metal jacket
    - 26 rds of Winchester lead soft point, unsure exactly which one this is, sorry.

    $30 for 205 rounds ($0.15/rd)! I'll trade it for 200 rounds of any decent brass 9mm or 100 rounds of any decent brass .45 ACP (S&B, Magtech, PMC, Rem, Win, etc.).

    Finally, I have some... sub-par... .45ACP. This stuff is not very good. It's Herter's Select brass-cased - it'll feed, fire, cycle, and extract just fine in your gun, but you won't get stellar accuracy with it and it might even keyhole. Use it for plinking, not precision shooting.

    - 120 rds of Herter's Select 230gr full metal jacket

    $20, please.
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