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18 Years Ago Today...

This is also a pretty interesting read if you haven't seen it...

Nearly every American above a certain age remembers precisely where they were on September 11, 2001. But for a tiny handful of people, those memories touch American presidential history. Shortly after the attacks began, the most powerful man in the world, who had been informed of the World Trade Center explosions in a Florida classroom, was escorted to a runway and sent to the safest place his handlers could think of: the open sky.

For the next eight hours, with American airspace completely cleared of jets, a single blue-and-white Boeing 747, tail number 29000—filled with about 65 passengers, crew and press, and the 43rd president, George W. Bush, as well as 70 box lunches and 25 pounds of bananas—traversed the eastern United States. On board, President Bush and his aides argued about two competing interests—the need to return to Washington and reassure a nation and the competing need to protect the commander in chief. All the while, he and his staff grappled with the aftermath of the worst attack on American soil in their lifetimes, making crucial decisions with only flickering information about the attacks unfolding below. Bush struggled even to contact his family and to reach Vice President Dick Cheney in the White House bunker.

The story of those remarkable hours—and the thoughts and emotions of those aboard—isolated eight miles above America, escorted by three F-16 fighters, flying just below the speed of sound, has never been comprehensively told.

This oral history, based on more than 40 hours of original interviews with more than two dozen of the passengers, crew and press aboard—including many who have never spoken publicly about what they witnessed that day—traces the story of how an untested president, a sidearm-carrying general, top aides, the Secret Service and the Cipro-wielding White House physician, as well as five reporters, four radio operators, three pilots, two congressmen and a stenographer responded to 9/11.


I was at work. At the time I was answering help center calls - internal. I got a co-workers call who was not coming in. Then I got another, he stopped and said, you don't know what is going on do you?

The internet as we know it was not really in existence. It certainly was not on everyones screens all the time.
No live streaming of every event. CNN was down - their web presence was served from those towers.

I knew no one there, but it still felt like a gut punch.
Tried to give blood later, but the Red Cross was over whelmed.

I work today at the same campus different building, but now for a vendor instead of the customer.

I was working two jobs, my first job was in a call center in downtown Portland. I started at 7am and was getting set up, listening to the radio, but was a little foggy from being tired.
The girl in the cubicle next to me said “Oh my God, are you listening to this?”
Then my fogginess lifted and it registered what was happening, our supervisor came in and told every one to go home.
I went to my next job and watched on tv for about an hour, my manager came up to me before my shift started and told me to just take the day off.
I sat on the couch for the rest of the day just staring blanking at the Tv.

It was my 20th birthday.
Almost every birthday since I have sheds some tears.
I remember I used to read the paper everyday. And for weeks and weeks there would be a full two pages of obituaries of people who lost their lives that day. It just never seemed to end.

I still have the front page of the paper from 9/11, and one of the flags that they put in every newspaper holder.
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