WTT WA 172 Pieces Mixed Stamp Once Fired (by me) 223 Polished Brass

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    GONE!! Traded away!

    There are 172 pieces of once fired 22
    3 brass with mixed head stamps that I shot and collected from my range trips. I don't load for 223 yet but thoroughly enjoy cleaning them anyway in my Thumlers Tumbler. These were all de-capped before I wet tumbled them so the primer pockets will be clean. I really am amazed at the amazing results I get wet tumbling my brass.

    I have absolutely no idea on the value of brass in this caliber and condition but I would be happy to trade it to someone that can use it in return for something I can use.

    I am currently loading .308 Winchester and .224 Valkyrie ammunition for my needs so if you have any components related to these calibers we may be able to work something out. There are many other reloading bits and ends I'd probably trade for so don't hesitate to ask.

    I am so impressed with the results of wet tumbling that I wanted to include these before pictures of the brass I'm offering along with the pictures of the finished product. What you see is what you'll get. Please shoot me a PM if we can deal I'm in Everett.



    and AFTER:


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