WTS OR 17-223 AR barrel/dies/bullets

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    Selling as a set ($575) prices next to items are what they cost
    17x223 Black Hole Weaponry Rifle Barrel $320 (stainless machine finish 4 month wait on this barrel) 1/2 28 thread standard barrel
    RCBS 2-Die Set 17-223 Remington $151 (2 month wait on these dies)
    Bullberry .17 Caliber Forming Die $40
    Hornady 17 Cal .172 25 gr V-MAX about a box (unopened) and half $30
    Rifle length gas tube $20
    Plus ~$10 shipping on each

    I have $600+ and 3+ months into these, everything but the bullets are slightly used (installed barrel on an AR and put down less than 20 rounds through it)

    Willing to let it all go for $575 cash.

    Everything else is standard 223/5.56 AR platform. Just drop in the barrel and you're good to go on any spec'd AR15. This is a really nice varmint round. Fast and flat trajectory. 3900ish fps.
    image001.jpg image002.jpg image003.jpg

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