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Washington 1639 Lawsuit update - 1-22-20

Sporting Systems

1639 Legal Update: Haven't posted much recently, as there is a lot of activity, but not a lot we can publicly discuss. Last night, about 11:59 PM, we filed our last response to the state's latest discovery request. The calendar has not been our friend up until now. We will see some real movement in the coming 3-4 weeks and oral arguments come shortly after that.

Now, we have a few more hurdles to clear. My deposition with the AG's office is next week. Co-plaintiff Robin is the following day. Both sides expert witness depositions are on agreed schedule, but the state keeps trying to change it now to be more convenient for them. We already accommodated a SATURDAY deposition for them, and they want more changes. We have shielded the young adult plaintiffs from having to be deposed, thus far.

Expert witness testimonies have been supplied by our experts, and by theirs. One of theirs, testified on the magazine ban bill in Monday's Senate session.

The dealers and young adults have been answering discovery requests for the past 6 months, producing some materials and objecting to most of it. The state has requested insane amounts of materials from the dealers, while essentially providing nothing to our requests. "We don't have that information". "We don't track that information". "That is outside of the defendants area of expertise" and so on. Many of the state requests, we objected to as they are materially irrelevant to the case. The state is seeking ways to have the plaintiffs lose standing, so we have no basis for suing as we're not harmed.

We've produced all of our emails between the plaintiffs, lawyers and such except those that are privileged. The state quested copies of all our 4473's, to which we flatly objected. We will never release client information, not even to the federal court and the judge agreed. It was not relevant. We were asked to provide all of our public comments, social media, video, print, related activities related to 1639..again we objected. Not relevant, and it's public...go get it yourself if you want it.

We did choose to answer a question posed by the AG's office. The asked if SARs were well suited to self defense. Originally, we were going to object to the question as it's both speculative and irrelevant. But the team decided that we should, so we did. Here's my reply;

"In my opinion, based my 40 years of experience using semi automatic rifles, many years of selling firearms, training and practicing with a wide variety of firearms, in addition to training individuals in safe use of firearms; semi-automatic rifles are ideally suited to self-defense applications. Semi-automatic rifles provide an exceptional balance between quality, reliability, price and performance. The AR-15 platform in particular, with a wide variety of accessory parts for customization, allows the platform to be easily modified to fit a wide variety of citizens, from a petite woman to the largest man for their unique self defense needs. The individual customization options allow for the safest possible configuration, set up to accommodate an individual’s strengths, or weaknesses. This platform provides an ideal scenario for the safest and most efficient defensive use if needed. Semi-automatic rifles, and the AR-15 platform in particular, are exceptionally durable and when properly maintained, a highly reliable self defense firearm. They are easy to manipulate, quick to learn, and lend themselves to both the newest user and the most advanced operator. The small cartridge’s intermediate range and small size is excellent for defensive uses, as it’s not “too much” gun. The low felt recoil from the medium power round, means the smallest woman can keep the sights on target and safely manipulate the firearm in the widest array of defensive applications, from in their home, vehicle, in the open range lands, or heavy woods. The magazine design provides a user the ability to quickly retrieve their firearm from their safe storage location, insert a magazine and make it ready for use in quick order. The magazine capacity is ideally suited to defensive situations where there is more than one threat present, which is an increasing risk during home invasion style robberies, or at worst, multiple assailants attacking an individual or group, as we see with more hate crime, mob style attacks, or “wildings”. The Sutherland Springs church shooting is an excellent example here, where the threat was successfully engaged by a lawfully armed citizen with an AR-15. The assailant was wounded at a medium distance, fled the scene, ending the immediate threat to remaining churchgoers and other potential victims of his maniacal mass murder rampage. Furthermore, the instant recognition of the AR-15 rifle profile, provides for instant recognition from an assailant, and increases the likelihood that the attack will be successfully thwarted without the need to discharge the weapon in defense use. The best defensive use of a firearm, is for a potential victim to present ready to defend themselves, and not have to discharge the firearm. The semi automatic rifle, the most common category of rifle purchased in the USA, is extremely well suited to defensive applications. I don’t only feel that it an excellent choice for others citizens, but it is "a primary self defense weapon for myself and my family."

If you're still reading, kudos to you. This is a wall of text, but this is a mountain of a case.

We appreciate everyone's continued support. moral support, financial support and continuing to fight these bad laws at every step. We are waking up Washington, but we must work together in order to successfully defend our constitution from the overreach of well funded operations, funded by billionaires whom fear an armed populace.

The GoFundFundMe site continues to perform. To date, the 1639 Legal Defense Fund has donated $130,000 to the Second Amendment Foundation. Exceptionally proud that so many great citizens have stepped up and help fund this fight. 100% of the donations go directly to SAF, no overhead, no expenses, nothing but straight pass through to SAF and all of the funds stay here, for our fight.

We'll have another update to share in about 30 days.

Please keep on emailing, writing letters and staying abreast of the the 2020 Legislative Action, its ugly out there and your voice does matter. Carry on -

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