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1639 and more - June 17th update

Sporting Systems


Long video, lots to report. Please like and share so factual information gets shared. Don’t like long videos, don’t watch...we’re doing this a public service to inform y’all. I’m fat, ugly, old, tired and am not a great speaker. I don’t get paid to do these, I just want to share accurate, reliable information.

June 17th Legal update – There is a lot to cover, here are the important takes aways if you can’t watch the whole video.

1) Lowers / frames and “other” firearms. DOL and agencies are finally working on this. After July 1 there is no ability to process a background check for these items. Senator Wilson and others are requesting an immediate resolution from the state. The SAF & NRA attorneys are preparing actions as well. More coming on this in the next few days.

2) The Injunction – It will NOT be in place July 1. 1639 is going into full effect, get ready for it.

3) Hippa rules only apply to healthcare providers not the state. There is no standing to sue over this egregious portion of the law.

4) State court challenges are going to be very difficult. There are no other suits in process that I’m aware of. We’re the only active lawsuit, with 5 other co-plaintiffs.

5) Our free 1639 class is moving towards publication, we’ll do a slow roll out after thorough testing. We don’t believe anyone should have to pay for state mandated training. We believe training is a great opportunity to improve skills and proficiency but not a requirement mandated by the state. Again, we put our money where our mouth is to support our fellow law abiding citizens. It’s the right thing to do.

6) Trial date – 18 months out. Senators Murray and Cantwell blocking appointments to the federal court. There are 3 judges in the Western District, all semi-retired, so cases take a long time to come to fruition.

7) Donate 1639 Legal defense fund on GoFundMe or directly to the Second Amendment Foundation. To date we have raised about $100,000 in our fight against 1639. No excuses why WA dealers, ranges and manufacturers weren’t fully engaged in this fight from the beginning…but they counted on others to do the work for them. They didn’t, so here we are, fighting in near complete isolation.

Here’s my Two Cents, not fact, but what I see happening to Washington gun owners.

First, some dealers will shut down. The costs of operation are going up at the dealer level, time and headaches multiplying. To stock and support quality products is a challenge already when competing with online retailers who just operate a website, run out of their garage or direct ship from wholesalers. Support your local gun shop, or they will go away. Washington will retain some “transfer” dealers, but a number of smaller, rural shops especially, will evaporate and I suspect that was part of the grand plan. The ability to touch and feel firearms at a shop, will continue to shrink. Remember to support those that fought for your rights tooth an nail, and it wasn’t Cabelas, Bud’s guns or Palmetto. It was a small shop in Sequim. A pawn shop in Bonney Lake. A great store in Covington. An amazing range in Spokane. It was precious few who stood up and used their voices. The rest, well, the rest just let others do the dirty work.

We will win on a few of the issues. The others will have to be changed via the legislature or initiative process. Washington firearms users all need to come together and get proactive, working together. If we don’t, our rights will continue to subjugated while your neighbors are tricked into voting for unicorns and rainbows, while criminals steal their firearms and victimize citizens with immunity.

Good luck everyone. Fight on, its only just begun. Carry on.

Thank you.



Long video, lots to report. Please like and share so factual information gets shared. Don’t like long videos, don’t watch...we’re doing this a public service to inform y’all. I’m fat, ugly, old, tired and am not a great speaker. I don’t get paid to do these, I just want to share accurate, reliable information..
I watched, have a few takeaways,
First, thank you! For the time and effort.
Second since giving your shop my little bit of business would entail quite a drive, so I am going to send some cash to SAF.
Finally I hope some gun owners will pay attention to what you are trying to tell them. I often shake my head wondering what it will take to wake most up, glad to see folks like you still swinging for the fence trying to wake them up. Thanks again for the time, effort, and money.
3) Hippa rules only apply to healthcare providers not the state. There is no standing to sue over this egregious portion of the law.
This is true. I think the issue is that the state will be presenting to your medical provider that you have signed a waiver allowing them to release information to them.

As HIPAA waivers are limited and duration and everyone I've seen is filed directly with the provider stating who and what can be released this is almost certainly not a valid HIPAA waiver, and any medical provider that complies is violating HIPAA and opens themselves up to a lawsuit.

There's a law enforcement exception in HIPAA, but if the state was invoking that, they wouldn't need language that you are waiving your rights in the purchase paperwork.

If the takeaway for a medical provider is that you will be sued and you will lose $$$, they won't turn over anything to the state absent the valid law enforcement exception which renders this whole subject moot.


Thanks for the information, and for having such an awesome shop. You are close to my house and I make sure to bring people there from out of state to show them why I moved to WA. They always appreciate the selection and service from your staff.

I can't drop thousands at your shop like others, but I have bought all my lowers and various small parts there.


I really appreciate all of your hard work on this!

I know you have concerns about people offering classes that are just preying on people who are forced into taking it, so I'm going to send you a free code to our class so you can see what we are providing to our customers.
The scary thing is maybe 40 years ago, people would have been impeached for what is being done in Oregon, Washington and California. It amounts to treason in my book. But the law of the land and SCOTUS could care less. They see all these violations. I mean a 5 year old could look at California and its righst violations. But nothing is done..... it seem to take millions to even be heard.

Socialism 2020 is what its seeming like...... not happy. But who here didn't see all this coming?
I stopped drinking over 10 years ago, maybe its time to start:confused:


Thanks Dan. I remember back at the beginning of the year you had a goal of selling 6000 stripped lowers by the end of June. Let us know the final count when the month is over. Best wishes, Bob


I have a question
I donate to the SAF and I donate to the Go Fund Me page listed above.
Call me selfish, but I want all my money to fight for me here in WA. By going the GoFundMe route, does the guarantee that my donation will be used only to fight I-1639 and/or other Washington only issues? If yes, then I will stop donating to SAF directly and only go through the SS page.
If it doesn't then I'll continue with scattershot donating as before.
Please advise.


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