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5.56x45mm NATO
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Posted this to armslist. Posting here for fun, but because it has the "ultra coveted" NORTHWEST FIREARMS lower.

I don't really need to sell this gun. Happy to wait until the election if Biden wins someone will probably pay 2k.

It is a pretty solid gun if you need something right now.

Willing to make a better deal to a forum member obviously.

I am selling my favorite truck gun because I need the funds right now. I specc'd this thing out to be built like a brick bubblegum house that I could beat someone with if I ran out of ammo. It rode around in my backseat for a year or so, but was only test fired a couple times. Very low round count on the barrel. The magpul furniture was on my main rifle for a bit. I can replace that with brand new magpul foliage furniture if wanted (looks great once the gun is spray painted!)

Main selling points on this gun are the THICC HBAR barrel. Will not have a POI shift with high rates of fire. The barrel has a mid length gas system with an adjustable gas block tuned in perfect to run full power m193 and recoil soft as a pussycat, on top of that the muzzle is topped with an aggressive single port brake/comp timed for a right handed shooter. This keeps the gun perfectly flat, and combined with the weight of the barrel and handguard reduces the recoil to basically 0. The recoil on 5.56 is already extremely light, but this gun feels like a .22 lr. great for a new shooter who can't afford 100s of rounds to dial in recoil control. The muzzle device also has some flashhiding tines that would F someone up if you smack them in the face with it.

The freefloat handguard is made by WILSON COMBAT (look em up) and is extremely sturdy. I have messed around with all the high end handguards and this one is stiffer than most of them.

The buffer tube is a VLTOR and is very smooth. The safety has the nice Snick-Snick feel to it with positive engagement, and the trigger is safe but easy to use 5.5lbs and nice and crisp.

I am including 3 magazines with this rifle. I prefer magpul, and they match the color, so I am including those. They are easy to load and function flawlessly. However I can include, FDE OKAY industries surefeed aluminum mags, or LANCER hybrid mags with steel feed lips for ultimate durability. (I have Foliage Lancers to Match the foliage furniture if wanted)

I am also including 150 rounds of IMI m193. This is full power milspec ammo, not rejects like you normally get when buying 5.56 ammo. This is enough to run a couple magazines through the gun to make sure you like it and it is dialed in (you will and it is!) and load up all three mags for SHTF.

I can swap this ammo out for IMI m855 but it will be in a ziplock bag, not in boxes.

Must meet at FFL to transfer the LOWER half of the rifle, which by itself is NOT an assault weapon per WA law. Asking price for the complete system is reasonable given the current state of affairs, but I am open to all reasonable offers.

Trades interests +/- cash include. High quality daylight bright LPVO or mid range magnification tactical scope such as a 2-10 or 4-12. Vortex, leupold or similar.

High quality WML such as


Cloud defensive OWL


20200824_170501.jpg 20200824_170536~2.jpg 20200824_170446~2.jpg
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