155mm howitzer tube uses or applications

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by CarlMc, Jan 20, 2014.

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    I've seen these tubular ammo cans around but haven't been able to figure out a use for them. They certainly seem intriguing, but applications elude me. I seem to recall seeing a divider in the middle of a can similar to this, but that was a long time ago.

    Does anyone use these for anything?
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    5" diameter and fits items up to 36 inches..... I'd say great for burying items...or storing things somewhere.....

    if your rifle or carbine is under 36 inches OAL, and under 5" Overall depth/height, then you could stash one in with a Closed Cell foam wrapped around it...

    could also make for a great fishing gear tube.... or as a prop to freak out the liberals by lashing one to your ruck and giving it markings of "Anti-Tank" or some such ;) (I wonder how long it would take before some anti-gun/idiot decide that these are missile tubes)

    EDIT: actually, it's almost the same size and shape as what Mossberg sells for their M500 Cruiser "Just In Case" cases...

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    I had the same idea many years ago... so I bought one...

    These tubes are really heavy... rifles fit, but not too well. If you were going to use something for burial, I would recommend buying PVC tube: it's lighter (in weight) and nearly as strong. PVC tube if sealed properly will not rust or leak. When the locking mechanism on the howitzer tube rusts and locks, it's much harder to saw the end off the howitzer tube than the PVC tube.

    Over-all I think if you were storing howitzer rounds, they would be great, for everything else, they leave a bit to be desired.
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    I have one, I was going to use it to support a 5" Dia. gate post so that the post would rotate inside the tube as the gate swung open. It would make a good launch tube for 5" pumpkins, if your into pumpkin-chunkin'. Drain pipe. Tactical Flower Vase?
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    If it were buried corrosion could be an issue. Your PVC or even large ABS would be far better.

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