1495 Pelican case, like new, only a few months old. With big piece of foam for custom

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    Thought I was taking this to Maui with me, but now have decided against it. Paid $160 something plus $20 ish for the foam just a few months ago (they are $140 or so with no foam). I'm looking for $80 firm, picked up in Eugene OR. Great case for 1-5 handguns, or say a couple handguns with suppressors, whatever you want to do. I picked this model because most of the 'gun' cases are WAY too thick. This one is much more streamlined and still overkill on protection. To give you an idea of the room, I had it cut out for a p938 and 2 mags, a 4.5" XDM and 2 mags, an XDS and 2 mags, a 4" S&W revolver and a j frame revolver. Full but worked well.

    Comes with some nice foam to make a custom interior. The top foam is perfect, the thin bottom layer of foam is perfect, the middle foam is gone. Foam is approx 24"x72".

    Exterior Dimensions
    (L x W x D) 21.62" x 17.25" x 4.87"

    Interior Dimensions
    (L x W x D) 18.87" x 13.12" x 3.81"

    Let me know, must sell by the end of the day on Monday or it's turning tropical.






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