120gb PS3 / 3 controllers / 14 games / 8 blu rays / 1 really nice gaming headset

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    Hey there, I have a 120gb PS3 slim I bought from best buy a couple years ago. Used to play it alot till I started a new job. I have 3 controllers. 2 black and 1 arctic white. I also have a sweet headset I used for playing COD black ops. They are the triton ax 180's. Paid $74.99 just for the head set. I still have the original box they came in. I also still have the original box the ps3 came in . For the PS3 I have a HDMI cable I will throw in and I also have the RCA's that come with the ps3. I will also include all my blu rays I have. I will list all of the games and blu rays I have below. Well over $1000 here. I am looking for a pistol I could carry and take to the range and enjoy. I would prefer a 3rd gen Glock. Such as a 19 / 26 / 27 .. Really open to any glock in the 9mm .40 or .45 calibers. Will consider trades of other firearms also. I also have a Nintendo WII I am willing to throw in on the right deal and I can add cash to the right deal also. I have my conceal pistol license and am more than happy to show it. If you need pic's for some reason let me know and I will get some. PS3 and Wii both still have the original box.


    14 games

    Call of Duty - Black ops with the 3 extra maps packs on my hard drive. Each expansion pack cost $15 by themselves.
    Call of Duty - Modern WarFare 2
    Call of Duty - Modern Warfare
    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    BattleField Bad Company
    Need for Speed shift
    The Bigs 2
    Dirt 2
    Baja - Edge of control
    NBA 2k8
    Madden 07
    The Bigs
    Madden 09
    Sega SuperStars

    8 blu rays / Titles as follows.

    Spiderman 3
    Resident Evil - Apocolypse
    Triple X
    28 days later
    From ****
    Oceans 13
    Hart's War
    The Invisible

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