12 guage double bbl. for laptop

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    The shotgun is a Stoeger 'uplander',2 triggers,extractors not ejectors,Has 3" chambers,front and mid-rib beads.
    barrels are 26",I believe it's choked Mod and Full.
    Shows some handleing marks but in overall nice shape,definately not worn out or junky looking.

    what I kind of have in mind:
    full sized laptop,netbooks are just too small for our eyes.
    good condition..no cracked or broken 'anything', no signs of being dropped.Craigslist is full of these kinds of laptops.
    at least 1gig memory,HD should be at least 80 gig.
    prefer windows xp,not looking for a Mac at all..
    will have wireles built in.
    has a good battery .
    going to be used mainly for surfing and playing 'light duty' online games like Zuma,Bejeweled,etc by my wife.

    I figure the value of my shotgun at right around 275.00,so looking in that price range,may be able to add money for a really nice laptop.

    pm me with what you have and we'll go from there.

    ftf in Clark county for now,gas costs to bleeping much to travel around.
    Must be Wa resident to accept the shotgun,I'll want a quick peek at your DL but that's about it.



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