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    So the other day while i was gone i had a guy stop by from last year because i sold some guns and ammo at a yard sale. Apparently steel shot is hard to find and mandatory for duckhunting so i am putting mine up for trade since i am not duckhunting anytime soon. Its not alot but here is what i have:

    25 rounds of Kent Steel 3in magnum, 11/8 #3

    22 rounds of Kent Steel 3in magnum 11/8 BB
    These were in my shotgun bag and are loose rounds.

    These are the silver rounds with the longer brass section on the bottom.

    I would trade for any magnum 23/4 or 3 inch buckshot or rifled slugs.

    Or 308 Zombiemax 168 grain ammo... (it is in stock in Molalla so i dont think its too hard to find)

    .40 SW preferably 165 grain.

    22 ammunition...

    I am not sure if this ammo is really hard to find right now because i havent been looking for it. but if it can help a duckhunter out then shoot me a trade...



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