WTS/WTT WA 10mm Kimber Eclipse Package

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    This is sold and gone!

    10mm Kimber Eclipse Custom II. In VERY NICE condition, the blacked out portions are even still intact. It's had around 700 trouble free rounds. Which means I've paid to run it through the recommended break-in. Plus an additional 100+ rounds of Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Points, have proven reliable. I have used shock buffers for everything but the STHP's. I am the original owner. I love the gun and the cartridge but...I am looking to consolidate calibers and am tired of chasing brass. I'm going back to wheel guns for this application.

    -XS Big Dots (tritium front only).
    -20# variable recoil spring (still have original).
    -over power firing pin spring (still have original).
    -polished feed ramp and chamber (done by John at Shooters Service Center).
    -polished hammer face, to remove MIM "artifact" (done by John at SSC).
    -EGW stainless Flat Firing Pin Stop (installed by John at SSC, still have original).

    Comes with:
    -6 stainless, flush fit, 8-rd, Metal-Form mags with removable base plates. (These are the ones Kimber uses, only the ones marked "Kimber" don't have removable base plates. Tested and proved reliable in this gun.)
    -Neutral colored horsehide, right hand IWB holster, with sweat shield. Adjustable cant and height, and uses black strap or metal clip (both included). Made by RKBA.
    -Black horsehide, high ride, pancake, single mag holder, with sweat shield. Made by RKBA.
    -Beautiful, stabilized, thin, Oregon Coast Myrtle grips. Made by "41Magnum" on the Ruger forum from my own wood.
    -4 shock buffers, one just barely broken in.
    -The case and all the miscellaneous "stuff" it came with.
    -RCBS Carbide dies. Includes shell holder and separate crimp die.
    -47ea Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Points (loaded factory ammo).
    -302ea Bear Creek Supply, 200gr, truncated cone, moly coat bullets. These are accurate, feed reliably and leave the bore clean.
    -145ea new/unprocessed/unfired Starline brass.
    -332ea cleaned, decapped, sized, expanded and primed (WLP) Starline brass. In excellent condition.
    -47ea cleaned, decapped, sized, expanded and primed (WLP) Winchester brass. In excellent condition.
    -3ea MTM 100rd ammo boxes (red with actual hinges).

    $1300 firm, for the whole package. No interest in breaking package up.

    ONLY trade interests are for EITHER OR BOTH of the following plus cash:

    -Ruger GP100, 4" barrel, stainless, .357 magnum, not tampered with and in good condition.

    -Ruger SP101, 3" barrel, stainless, .357 magnum, not tampered with and in good condition.

    The only accessories I'm interested in are the old style OEM "Lett" grips, XS Big Dots, speed strips, HKS speed loaders and .357 mag brass in good condition.

    Oregon= Will meet at your FFL in the greater Portland area, on your dime. NO trades.

    Washington= FTF (with CPL & ID, visual check only) or FFL (at your expense) in the greater Vancouver area. Trades FTF ONLY.

    *Sorry no pics. I still can't manage to post. I can text/email for SERIOUS inquiries.
    **NO shipping.
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