10MM Auto/40 caliber shooter's and reloader's package -- $800 (Vancouver, WA)

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    • EAA Tanfoglio Witness 40 caliber/10mm Elite Match •

    This is NOT your average auto. The Tanfoglio Elite Match series is a production level auto with custom shop performance for the everyday person. This gun is based on the popular CZ platform and has a better fit and feel in the hand than any Glock or 1911. It is a full size frame with a longslide and 4 3/4" barrel. In it's stock configuration, it's a strong shooter. Originally bought as a 40 caliber, but I like power and the 40 cal breachface is the same as the 10mm, so I upgraded it to the more powerful 10mm caliber. Function is flawless and trigger is crisp at about 4.5 pounds. I reload, so I beefed up the recoil spring, mag springs and added the Sprinco recoil buffer to handle the heaviest of handloads with ease. This is truely a shooters/handloaders package. Can be carried with 40 caliber for concealed defense carry, and with the simple swap of the 10mm barrel and mags, is ready for woods defense carry or hunting. Yes, you can hunt with it in the state of Washington.

    I have moved on to a S&W 10mm revolver for handgun hunting and prefer shooting it rather than chasing the brass, so my loss is your gain. I also have available several hundred rounds of used brass for both the 40 S&W and 10mm to reload that I will let go with the gun, sorry though, I'm keeping the dies. Also available for an extra $100 is an ammo can of 466 rounds of bulk 180 grain fmj 40 S&W gunshow ammo.

    I prefer a local face to face sale to a WA buyer with a CPL to minimize hassle. Out of staters will have to arrange and pay FFL transfer on your end. I have a few 10mm rounds loaded up for any serious buyer wanting to give it a test run.

    Factory Features:

    • Great target alternative to the 1911 style frame
    • Frame accepts factory conversions for calibers 45 ACP, 10mm, 40 caliber, 38 super, 9mm and 22 long rifle
    • Stainless frame/Blued slide 2 tone finish
    • 15 + 1 shot
    • Includes 1 magazine
    • .40 caliber
    • 4.75” Match Grade Barrel
    • Overall length 8.20”
    • Weight 33 oz.
    • Rubberized grip panels
    • Sights: Adjustable, interchangeable front post
    • Single action match trigger with adjustable over travel stop
    • Extended safety (locks firing pin for condition one carry)
    • Extended magazine release
    • Light weight Hart target hammer
    • SA hammer fire
    • Includes factory lock
    • Includes carry case and cleaning kit

    Added Features:

    • 10mm caliber factory match grade barrel (EAACorp.com) -- $150 value
    • 5 magazines @ $25 each from EAACorp.com (2 more 40 caliber, 3 10mm caliber)
    • Sprinco recoil reducer (Sprinco.com) -- $80 value
    • Fiber optic front sight (Henningshootsguns.com) -- $70 value
    • Wolff extra power recoil & firing pin springs (Gunsprings.com) -- $25 value
    • Wolff +5% magazine springs for 6 magazines (Gunsprings.com) -- $36 value
    • Uplula magazine loader
    • Nylon hip holster (Uncle Mike's)
    • 1000+ mixed headstamp 10mm brass (estimate)
    • 600+ mixed headstamp 40 caliber brass (estimate)
    • Magazine pouch (holds 2 extra mags)
    • 2011 EAA catalog








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    Any interest in trading for a 16" ar?
  3. Meat Whiz

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    not interested in trades....might knock some off for a 4x handgun scope

    direct contact ---> meat.whiz@gmail.com
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