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Hey all, I have decided to split up the rifle/ammo lot that I have posted here.
I have 1007 rounds of good surplus ammo in 7.62x54R, ranging from 1945 (WWI Soviet) to 1984. All of it is good stuff, no corrosion, most of it came out of spam cans, some picked up here and there piecemeal. I have shot some of each ammo type, and it's all been good, surefire stuff.

I would like to get $200 for the batch, or perhaps trade for around 500 rounds of 5.56NATO/.223 since I am working towards getting an AR. Just save me some hassle in the long run by getting some ammo up front is all. :s0114: From what I can tell online, 500 rounds of 5.56 runs a little under $200... so I would consider that a close, fair trade.

Ammo has been sold/traded.
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In case anyone was wondering, this is not the same as 7.62NATO... which is 7.62x51, also called .308NATO, and dimensionally similar to .308 Winchester. This is the stuff the old Russian bolt guns (Mosin Nagant), and some semi-autos use (as well as Finnish Mosins) such as the SVD/SVT, and the PSL rifles. It is however similar to the .308/30-06 in ballistics, if memory serves. It's a full power rifle round, that is for sure. Stuff tends to go for about $100 per 440 rounds, before shipping.
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