WTS OR 1000pcs SS109 62grain tips only (non painted)

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by John Gault, May 11, 2015.

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    I ordered 4000 pcs of the SS109 from Weidner's. Don't need them all. Still have 1 lot of 1000. Taking a loss on these at $120.00/Thousand. Meet face to face Between Sandy and Portland.

    Item No. Description Unit Price Qty Cost C77BULK C77BULK New Mil-Spec 223 62gr SS109 Bullets $520.00 / 4000 Prepaid 520.00 1 520.00
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    I have some 30 caliber tracers and also some 22 caliber tracers that I would be willing to trade? Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

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