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So I'm up around the Seattle area, Redmond really. I was looking for a long range. From what I can find out there is a 600 yard range Cascade Shooting Facilities CSF, but I'm looking for something longer.

Does anybody know of a range that is that long?
the only 1000 yard ranges i know of is rattlesnake in eastern washington.i dont know much about it but my friend has shot there before.i will try to find out some more info and pass it along.Im a member at cascade. the only way to shot at the 600 yard range is to be a member and qualify on it or to shoot at one of there highpower matches.
The ONLY 1,000 yard range in western Washington is on Ft. Lewis. Range KD-22. There is however a 500 yard range out in Eatonville. The upper Nisqually Rifle and Pistol club.

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