1000+ Rounds 7.62x54R, *SPF*

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    So, money's needed for my daughter and these sadly are gonna be my currency:

    729 Rounds of 147gr light ball
    Year stamps include WWII and Korea
    Headstamps range from USSR's 17, 60, 188, 543, 544, and china's 321 (321's rounds are the Korean era, and Brass-cased)
    This is LEAD CORE ammo, not the usual steel core you find these days.
    Rounds have the usual patina and dust of time, but no rust or damage, all hand-inspected.

    278 Rounds of 147-8gr light ball
    Year stamps range from the 60s to the 90s
    Headstamps are from all over the Soviet empire, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Romania, USSR, even China.
    This is STEEL CORE ammo, found in Cold War era LPS tins, silver-tipped.
    Rounds are in good condition, hand-inspected.

    These would be great for a collector, or a fun-filled day in your local shooting spot. OR for parts if you so choose.

    $200. Will ship. (1000 rounds via UPS will be ~$40.) Medford/RV area sale preferred. I'll throw in the 3 30cal ammo cans they're in for $15 if you'd like.
    *Update* Shipping now Free. Ammo Cans still optional.
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    PM sent

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