Our president actually invited a group of them to the White House. 'Cocks Not Glocks' crew gets invited to the White House

Let your conscience be your guide as you make comments about dildos in high office or the gals in the photo having to keep the toys in their boxes! :eek:
I know about that group visiting the WH... That's why I said it.

So there was a boots-on-the-ground initiative to reduce gang-violence in Chicago that went by the name of Ceasefire. Now that name alone is going to raise hackles here, but Ceasefire in Chicago was nothing like the anti-gun Ceasefire Oregon and Ceasefire Washington that we know. In fact Ceasefire's original and continued intent has nothing to do with sending an anti-gun message, only one of anti-violence and stopping the cyclical and retaliatory violence plaguing communities there. They recognize that it's fundamentally a people problem. They've since changed their name to CureViolence (see what they're up to at, arguably because of the negative association between the anti-gun crowds that usurped their name.

To the original post, most of the city funding for CureViolence and their satellite groups has been pulled in the last couple years. Anti-violence programs shut down as Chicago shootings climb

May or may not be related to the increase in shootings, but I thought it's worth thinking about. I think it's an interesting approach. I don't know who has the data on it. I'm not sure there's any correlation between their effectiveness and the mayor's decision to stop funding them.

PBS Documentary:
The Interrupters


Compare to Toronto, ON

"Thanks, in part, to the evil street code there’s been 59 homicides so far in 2016 compared to 42 at this time last year. Toronto’s 59th murder, of an American tourist, happened on the same night as this violence — just north in Little Italy.

So far this year Toronto has had 359 shootings compared to 248 at this time in 2015. It’s a 45% increase. We have seen 514 shooting victims, up 93% over last year’s 266."

How easy is it for a law abiding citizen to get a hand gun for self defense in Canada?
Hillary won Illinois by a huge margin, way more than the 10% margin in Oregon. Hmmm, I wonder if there is any connection between that and the murder rate?

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