02-04-14 OFF ALERT - UPDATE 2-05-14

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    02.04.14. OFF AERT

    Prozanski Schedules Gun Registration Bill

    Fourdays afterhe informed "Ceasefire Oregon" that he wouldbe hearinghis gunregistration bill, SB 1551, FloydProzanski has officially scheduled the bill so the publiccannow see what he sharedwiththe anti-rights extremists last Friday.

    The billwill be heardon Thursday, Feb 6, at 8AM in HearingRoom 50, which is inthe Capitol basement.Floyd has invited NRA totestify.OFF was not invited; however, NRA has offered us a place ontheir panel.

    There are stillunconfirmed rumors of "celebrity"anti-gunners comingin from out of town.

    If youare planningto come and testify, keep the following inmind:

    While you maysubmit written testimony, you shouldbe ready tobe flexible onwhat yousay. It is very likely that amendments will be proposedwhich can changethe makeupof the bill.

    Here are some points about the bill:

    (Be preparedto respondtoa moving target.)

    The billoutlaws private transfers to people you have knownyour whole life.

    The billis a de factoregistration scheme.Without registrationthe billhas no meaning.

    There is noreasonto demand the serialnumberof the gunbeing transferred if this is not a registrationscheme.

    Inspite of what Floyd says, people HAVE hadtheirguns confiscatedIN OREGON, withNO LEGAL JUSTIFICATION, because of backgroundchecks.

    As written, this billallows you togive a gunto your nephew but forbidshim from givingit back without police permission!

    Underthe billyoucould give a guntoyour gaypartner, but you couldnot give a guntoperson of the opposite sex withwhom you lived but were not legally marriedto.

    You couldgive a gun toyourson-in-law, but he cannot give it back without permission from the state.

    You can give a gunto your nephew but he can't give it back without permission from the state.

    If youhave a range, trainingfacility, orgun clubthat allows people touse guns you own, as part of a class youcharge for, youhave "leased" a gunand now must runa background check andtransfer the gunto them before they can use the gun inthe class.(Assumingthe check is even completedbefore the class is over.)

    Theythen must "transfer"the gunback to you at the endof the class.

    The billhas no provisionforallowing a transferif the OSP can't complete a backgroundcheck.

    (The law allows dealers to transferinthree days but does NOTallow private parties to transferin3days if OSP can't complete the check.)

    Unlike the present system, any transferwillrequire that you have and retain transferforms only available from theState Police.

    If youplan tosubmit materials tothe committee, please send a PDF to mike.reiley@state.or.us by noontomorrow. Forprinted documents, please provide 10papercopies tothe assistant when you testify.

    It's a train wreck, folks. Let's get out there.

    Forward to your friends
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    Why would he invite the NRA and not OFF.
    WE better make sure there is no compromise involved. Get on the horn to the state and regional people in the NRA also in regard to that.


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    SB 1551 Update. Testimony limited to 2 min.................

    Latest Update.
    They really show their lack of interest in listening to anyone.............:complain:

    Oregon State Capitol
    February 6, 2014
    8:00 A.M.
    HR 50
    900 Court Street NE, Room 331, Salem, Oregon 97301
    Phone: 503-986-1750
    Email: mike.reiley@state.or.us

    **Please note room change to HR 50**
    **Due to the high level of interest in the bill, public testimony will be limited to 2 minutes**

    Public Hearing

    ADA accommodation requests may be submitted to employee.services@state.or.us or by calling 1-800-332-2313at least 72 hours prior to the meeting time.

    If you plan to submit materials to the committee, please send PDF electronically to the email address near the top of the agenda by noon the prior business day. For printed documents, please provide 10 paper copies to the assistant when you testify.

    Persons making presentations including the use of video, DVD, PowerPoint or overhead projection equipment are asked to contact committee staff 24 hours prior to the meeting.

    SB 1551
    Requires person to request criminal background check before transferring firearm to any other person. Specifiesexceptions to background check requirement for family members, inherited firearms and antique firearms.
    Invited Testimony
    Public Testimony
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    Did this time limit get out to everyone earlier?
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    I think the spaceman from Arizona who got busted for attempting to make an illegal gun purchase (AR 15) will be a guest tomorrow. I wonder if we can figure out a way to unbalance these antis including the anti legislators so they look like idiots. Goading helps a lot. Can these antis be pressured to overreact and look foolish? Just saying for entertainment. Maybe some will laugh at them.
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    He should be held to the 2 min rule also!!!
    He has no residence here and it is pure BS he is even there.
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    Agreed. He shouldn't even get 2 minutes. What expertise does he have on background checks? If we were talking straw purchases, then he has some experience.
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    Why are they even allowing anyone from out of state to spew their vitriol against citizens of any state but their own?

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