WTS WA – Ruger #1A 7x57mm Mauser

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Badge251, Oct 31, 2015.

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    I have come to the realization I simply have too little time and too many rifles/calibers so I am downsizing!

    About three years ago I purchased this beautiful, light-weight 7mm Mauser Ruger #1A rifle. The gentlemen I bought it from explained the rifle had been completely factory refurbished to include re-bluing, new wood, and a new barrel. While I do not have any documentation to prove this, I have no reason to doubt it as the rifle is in excellent condition with pretty wood. After purchase I took it to the range a few times and ultimately put exactly 50 rounds through it into nice tight groups at 100 yards. I then put it in the safe where it has been sleeping ever since in its Ruger branded gun sock.

    The rifle wears an early but functionally sound Leupold Vari-XIII 1.5-5x scope with duplex reticle, rearward set in Leupold extension rings to allow proper eye relief at all magnification levels. Butler Creek flip-up lens covers protect the scope’s glass. The scope does have a couple of small nicks on the focus locking ring which I’ve tried to capture in the pictures.

    In addition to the rifle/scope above, I will also include the following 7x57mm Mauser handloading items:

    • Two complete sets of Lee Precision Dies (both, Full Length Resize and Neck Size Only sets)

    • Lee Precision case trimmer cutter with wood grip

    • “One Book” 7x57mm reloading manual

    • Hornady (Stoney Point) 7x57mm modified case for determining overall length measurement

    • 60 rounds of factory Federal 7mm Mauser 140 grain Speer SP ammunition

    • 400 Speer 145 grain boat-tail softpoint 7mm bullets

    • 150 pieces Winchester brand, new7x57mm brass

    • 150 pieces Remington brand, new 7x57mm brass

    • 50 pieces Remington brand, once-fired 7x57mm brass (remnants from only rounds I shot)
    This rifle and related items can all be yours for only $1,000.00 –which includes transfer of ownership to you through my FFL.








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    I have this same rifle and it is excellent !
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