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  1. AK0perator47

    Winchester 1894

    So I need to get some help from people here that know way more than I do about older lever action carbine rifles. First this thing looks really bad. Needs a new stock and well heck wait until I can post pictures. Anyway, the point is also should it be restored or left as is? Also where to get...
  2. pharmseller

    Serial number help, Winchester 1894 .30 W.C.F.

    A few years ago I inherited my grandfather's 1894 Winchester. The story is that he received it, new, in 1912 for his 12th birthday. I'd like to research the carbine but the serial number is missing. It looks as if it's been worn away over time. It's in great shape, I'd like to hunt with it...
  3. groth

    Firearms Values

    Hello, I am wondering the condition and value of a couple firearms I recently inherited from my father. I'm not looking to sell them, but my brother and I are wanting to divide them up fairly between us. I have a couple older firearms such as an early production 1984 Winchester in .38-.55, and...
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