Wear is related to interactions between surfaces and specifically the removal and deformation of material on a surface as a result of mechanical action of the opposite surface.
In materials science, wear is erosion or sideways displacement of material from its "derivative" and original position on a solid surface performed by the action of another surface.
Wear of metals occurs by the plastic displacement of surface and near-surface material and by the detachment of particles that form wear debris. The size of the generated particles may vary from millimeter range down to an ion range. This process may occur by contact with other metals, nonmetallic solids, flowing liquids, or solid particles or liquid droplets entrained in flowing gasses.
Wear can also be defined as a process where interaction between two surfaces or bounding faces of solids within the working environment results in dimensional loss of one solid, with or without any actual decoupling and loss of material. Aspects of the working environment which affect wear include loads and features such as unidirectional sliding, reciprocating, rolling, and impact loads, speed, temperature, but also different types of counter-bodies such as solid, liquid or gas and type of contact ranging between single phase or multiphase, in which the last multiphase may combine liquid with solid particles and gas bubbles.

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  1. OldTengu

    Noticed some unusual wear on AR15 firing pin

    Not sure if it's actually unusual, or if I'm just noticing it for the first time. Roughly a thousand rounds in on my bone stock Ruger AR556, and it looks like the lower ring on the firing pin is being impacted somehow, and is being dented or chipped. Ive replaced it with a new pin, and am going...
  2. S

    Weird Ar wear pattern

    Hey all. I just got back from the range and noticed a different wear pattern starting in my Ar. Never seen anything like this before. It’s just behind the locking lug recess. My only guess would that it’s from a cmmg .22 kit that I just picked up but I even sought that. It dig into the receiver...
  3. Knebel

    Slide stop wear 1911

    I just shot the first 100 rounds through my build 1911 and noticed that the slide stop pin seems like its worn a lot already. There are flat wearmarks on it where the barrellink rides on. Is this normal or a sign for a bad quality part? Also, my slidetop pin is fairly loose in the framehole...
  4. RicInOR

    Right to Wear T-Shirts That Depict or Mention Guns ...

    extends to public high school students, holds a federal judge in Wisconsin. Right to Wear T-Shirts That Depict or Mention Guns
  5. Ramjet12

    Please wear your seat belt.

    Texas teen killed in crash after unbuckling seat belt to take selfie A really bad decision that cost this kid her life.
  6. clanhanson

    Unusual Glock Wear

    I recently bought a 19X, and after 250 rounds it is exhibiting wear I haven't seen on my other Glocks. It is a fairly deep groove and is completely vertical. See pics. Not sure if I should contact Glock or if the new finish is just more prone to it.
  7. mustangguy

    Blue finish holster protectant?

    Hey all, I hope I'm posting this in the right section, if not, please point me where I need to go. Anyways, I have a couple 1911s that I've considered holstering, but even with the leather holster, I'm concerned of the wear. Don't get me wrong, I know wear marks are a badge of honor, and any...
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