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  1. SynapticSilence

    Walther PPS M2 RMSc

    i haven’t seen any discussion on this, so here’s mine. I replaced my beloved PPS M2 9mm with Walther’s newest offering. It’s the PPS M2 RMSc 9mm. It comes from the factory with a Shield (Brand name) RMSc red dot optic on the slide. No, it doesn’t allow any others due to the PPS’s narrow slide...
  2. L84Cabo

    PSA: Walther PPS M2 Recall

    Please forgive me if this was already posted. I don't own Walthers so really don't pay much attention to them. But I stumbled on this on another site and don't remember seeing anything here on it but I could have missed it. :) More here... Recalls - Walther Arms
  3. L

    National  Walther PPS M2 recall

    I searched and didn't see this so posting an FYI. Something to do with trigger and drop safety. Free return and fix. 8 week turnaround. Recalls - Walther Arms
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