The undercut is a hairstyle that was fashionable during the Edwardian era, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 2010s predominantly among men. Typically, the hair on the top of the head is long and parted on either the side or center, while the back and sides are buzzed very short. It is closely related to the curtained hair of the mid and late 1990s, although wearers of undercuts during the 2010s tend to slick back the bangs away from the face.

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  1. Flyboy3394

    Glock 45 double undercut- shop recs SW Washington

    Hi folks, Looking to get a double undercut on my G45's grip. I live in Vancouver. I spoke to Brimstone Gunsmithing and he unfortunately will not do it unless i go for a full stipple job, which i do not want (like my talongrips). Any recs on who else i could talk to in a 30-60 mile radius of...
  2. Slippy

    Medford / Rogue Valley Glock Frame Work/Customization

    Searching for a reputable person or company that does Glock frame work and customization in the Medford/Ashland or Rogue Valley area. Obviously a FFL is needed if the frames are required to remain at the place of business. Specifically looking for beaver tail addition (or seamless melding of...
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