1. peteNW503

    Taran Tactical

    I’ve been doing a little research but I have never owned a Taran Tactical Base Plate nor have I used one before. Are they hyped or do they really make a difference? I have seen a lot of skilled shooters use them I’ve just never understood the advantages over the OEM or other aftermarket. Taran...
  2. FA9

    Taran Tactical

    WHOA **WARNING**Explicit language**
  3. L84Cabo

    Taran Tactical's Place Took A Hit Today With The Fires

    The good news is the most important stuff and his animals were saved. I assume he means the main shop. But the range took a big hit including an out-building or two, one of which was his ammo storage. Nobody was hurt though. Video at the below link. I don't think you need a FB account to...
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