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A field of applied statistics, survey methodology studies the sampling of individual units from a population and the associated survey data collection techniques, such as questionnaire construction and methods for improving the number and accuracy of responses to surveys.
Survey may refer to:

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  1. E

    SURVEY: Help Shape the Future of Recreation in the Upper Yakima Basin

    Hello Northwest Outdoorsmen, My name is Ethan Lockwood and I work in partnership with the Forest Service, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, and the East Cascades Recreation Partnership (ECRP) and we have launched a year-long recreation survey for the Upper Yakima Basin (Western Kittitas and...
  2. DB is Here

    Other State  Survey: Most gun owners support sale of 'smart' guns but aren't likely to buy them

    Survey: Most gun owners support sale of 'smart' guns but aren't likely to buy them
  3. P

    Amazon Survey

    Got an email from Amazon asking to take a detailed survey. In the comments section, I asked that they carry more firearms parts and accessories, especially for the AR-15 rifle. Also blasted them for increasing shipping times and prices and told them that I often can find items cheaper at other...
  4. P

    Idaho Fish & Game sent me a survey.

    Received a letter in the mail from Idaho Fish & Game asking me about my upland game hunting experience last season. Said I had been randomly selected from license information to participate in the survey. All sorts of questions about how many days I hunted, what species I hunted, how many...
  5. Joe Link

    National  Many older adults keep guns loaded, unlocked at home, survey says

    Many older adults keep guns loaded, unlocked at home, survey says
  6. L84Cabo

    Need Your Help With An Impromptu Survey

    My buddy and I were discussing the more subtle yet complex nuances of the difference between the sexes the other night...over beers of course. After much reflection and discussion we have realized that women...or at least the vast majority of women...are incapable of talking like Edward...
  7. 41mag

    National  The best gov.gun survey you've never heard of

    The Best Government Survey on Guns You've Never Heard Of for those looking to add yet another source for support of their argument.
  8. Jamie6.5

    Seventy Six Percent of Police Chiefs Agree,...

    Qualified, law-abiding armed citizens can help law enforcement reduce violent criminal activity. Maybe governor brown would like a copy?
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