1. K

    Steel & Wood = light coat of oil or silicone wipe for storage?

    Not China-virus or politically related, hopefully :) Question: How do you prepare your steel & wood firearms before winter storage? I use Uncle Sam’s procedure of a light oil coating but I also have used just a Birchwood Casey silicon wipe if the gun did not get wet that year. I have only used...
  2. W

    When do you guys suppose the primer shortage will ease up?

    For those of you that have weathered these shortages in the past, and paid more attention, how long do you suppose the current shortage will last?
  3. 3MTA3

    How Do You Prep Your Dies For Storage?

    I've been going through my reloading stuff since it's been a while and plan to do some reloading after the Holidays. I ran across some dies that I had stored on a Dillon tool head for many years and low and behold there was some rust. Fortunately it was minor and easily fixed with some gun oil...
  4. BigDanS

    Third party gun storage need

    I am about to go through a divorce. I have more than one safe’s worth of rifles and handguns that are going to need to be put in the hands of a third party. If I sell them they become a monetary asset she can claim. If I do not, I can balance them against other assets. I need to find a...
  5. williamcjones1988

    Long term storage

    Looking for some insight, I am buying a travel trailer. I'm thinking about storing a handgun and a long rifle inside, my thought is to deep and thoroughly clean both coat with rem-oil, then vacuum seal both, and vacuum seal a couple boxes of ammo. Any body else done the same or have a better idea ?
  6. Koda

    Promoting Safe Storage

    I wish the pro gun community would do a lot more to encourage safe storage methods and devices. https://katu.com/news/local/boy-3-shoots-self-in-head-at-aloha-home-deputies-say
  7. Gonzales

    Ammo Storage

    Now that I’m stocked up on 50 and 30 cal ammo cans.... What is the best way to store ammo in these cans? Loose? Bagged? Vacume Bagged? In original boxes? I know that’s it a loaded question, but... I always seem to be short on room theses days. Plus with resell values constantly going up...
  8. 3MTA3

    Mobile AR-15 Magazine Storage

    Last week we found ourselves in pre-evacuation mode so I packed my truck ready to leave on a moments notice. Fortunately, even though it got very close, we didn't have to leave. While I'm going a good job on the "bugging in" style of preparedness let's just say that the getting ready to "bug...
  9. oldcorpgunny

    Handgun Storage

    I have ten handguns that I have kept in one of my safes. A couple of them are in holsters and the others are in those Apache (Pelican style) boxes that Harbor Freight sells. I'm kind of curious as to whether or not I'm the only person that keeps a couple (or all) of their handguns in holsters...
  10. gsparesa

    Temporary Gun Storage

    Hello NorthWest Firearms members. This is my first post. I will be retiring in 4/21 and I am leaving California for Washington State. I have already purchased a home in Vancouver, WA. I have a few firearms that I need temporary gun storage while I am in transition. Where in the eastern part...
  11. kbf64

    Lessons Learned From a Decade of Food Storage

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