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  1. tac

    The Great British Shooting Show of 2019

    held earlier this month at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England. Situated about five minutes by taxicab from Birmingham airport, it is the largest venue of its kind in the UK. The Great British Shooting Show in the Youtube movie is the second to be held there, after the Stoneleigh...
  2. rdb241


    I have heard through the grape vine today that Washington's I-1639 sanctuary city of Republic is holding a 300 table gun show on Memorial Day weekend. I talked to the guy that is putting it on. It will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No Monday. This needs major national attention. I...
  3. K

    Oregon  Under 21 Gun show Questions

    Since private sales must go through a FFL, Which restricts us folks under 21 from possessing anything that isn't strictly "Shotgun" or "Rifle", would that limitation still effect dealers at a gun show? Would Someone under 21 be able to buy a "Firearm" like a shockwave or a AR pistol lower...
  4. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors Gun Show Feb. 24th

    OAC's February show will be the 24th, this Sunday. Still the best bargain around in gun shows at $3 entry, or free if you're a member. Free parking too!The show is mostly collector arms, and used firearms. No new firearms dealers, but a very nice little monthly NRA affiliated collector gun show...
  5. mingus

    collectorswest.com gun show in Grants Pass

    I see the shows put on by collectorswest.com , with one in Grants Pass this weekend. Wondering if it's worth the drive. What are these shows like? Thanks....
  6. skeezix

    ARPC Gun Show @ Linn County Fair grounds in Albany 3/2&3, 2019

    Doors open on Saturday from 9AM-5PM and on Sunday from 9AM-3PM. See you there.
  7. tac

    No laffin - the Great British Shooting show

    It's an annual event, and this year, for the second time, it's held in the national Exhibition Centre [NEC] near Birmingham airport - with easy access from all over Yoorup. I know you must be laffin' yourselves f*rtless by now, imagining how on earth the UK manages to host the largest shooting...
  8. CaptJack

    Superbowl Sunday Halftime show - Wait for it.

    Let me say, I am almost over the Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem. For almost 2 years I stopped watching any football. This year I selectively watched Seahawks games only. I will say it, I am Happy Kaepernick is not playing in the NFL. I was disgusted with his kneeling during the...
  9. A

    Sad Story Goes To Show Ya ERPO Laws and Gun Restrictions Don't Rule Out Suicide.

    New York dietitian, 27, hangs herself after posting suicide note; 'I'm really sorry mama' She seemed to be an unlikely candidate for suicide.
  10. Lilhigbee

    Carson gun show this Saturday!!

    Better late than never I guess. The Cascade Sportsman's Club February gun show is this weekend at the American Legion hall in Carson, WA. Show opens at 8:00am and runs until 3:00pm, though it gets a little sparse about 2:30. Admission is $2 and all of it goes to local folks in need. Jeannie...
  11. CountryGent

    SHOT Show 2019: S333 Volleyfire

    Now this is a weird one. Double-tapping revolver.
  12. Joe Link

    Washington  Thousands show up at hearing on proposed state gun laws

    Thousands show up at hearing on proposed state gun laws | Peninsula Daily News
  13. amusicman2

    Please show this to unbelievers you know

    Hope this hits home with them.
  14. Joe Link

    Show your rimfire rifles!

    Show your rimfire rifles!
  15. Joe Link

    Show your rimfire pistols!

    Show your rimfire pistols!
  16. RicInOR

    TV Show The Rookie

    I like the show, I started watching as Nathan Fillion is the main actor, and I like his work. Just watched the episode from this week where the captain goes out on patrol. They have a scene where a bad actor has to be disarmed. They are right on the guns in the scene - The captain says to...
  17. BanjoGeek

    East Albany Lions Club gun show

    East Albany Lions Club gun show this Saturday & Sunday January 12th & 13th. Great show and good folks that promote it. Free parking and very reasonable admission and the proceeds help to fund the East Albany Lions Club charities. Exit 232 off I-5, very easy to get to and normal gun show...
  18. surevaliance

    2019 Shot Show...

    A little birdie told me that PMR-30 is gonna have lil brother soon.:s0023:
  19. ma96782

    Where is the Gun Show this weekend?

    My son is here from AZ. So, which Gun Show should I be going to for this weekend (12/22/2018 or 12/23/2018)? The list so far....... Salem GS at the Fair Grounds Does anyone have another suggestion or maybe a review? Aloha, Mark
  20. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors Show Dec. 16th

    Oregon Arms Collectors Show Sunday December 16th 7am-12 Noon Show theme is the Wonderful World of 22s Jackson Armory 6255 NE Cornfoot Rd. Portland Free Parking Show Admission is $3.00
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