Recurve may refer to:
Recurve (landform), the hook at the tip of a coastal spit
Recurve bow, a type of bow used in archery

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  1. jsparks747

    Acceptable Archery group?

    I have been shooting bows since I was 6 but up until a year ago have been doing rifle hunting and am going bow hunting. What is an acceptable archery group? I have a Red Wing Hunter recurve bow and am shooting 1 inch groups all within a 3 inch circle of the bullseye at 20 yards. Is that close...
  2. jsparks747

    Ducks anyone?

    Lookin' to do some duck hunting and decided that I am going to give it a twist. I have hunted ducks with a shotgun many a time but thought I would try my hand at some archery hunting. Any broadheads you archers like for small game. Any arrow types? Traditional or modern?
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