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Portland most commonly refers to:
Portland, Oregon, largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest region
Portland, Maine, largest city in the U.S. state of Maine, in the New England region
Isle of Portland, England, a peninsula in the English Channel
Portland may also refer to:

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  1. ma96782

    What I hate about Portland, OR.

    So important, it needed a video. Really? What I hate about Portland, OR. Part 1 Part 2 OK, Ok,'s only one view (or maybe not). Agree or disagree? Aloha, Mark
  2. Nicholi2789

    Precision Rifle Series (PRS) matches around Portland area?

    Hey guys, Recently got into the PRS scene after wanting to do it for ages. Done a few of the monthly matches up at Upper Nisqually Gun Club, but I'm looking around to see if there are any other regular matches closer to Portland or within an hour or two. Since the season is just ending I hope...
  3. T

    New member from Portland, OR

    Just joined. A bit about me: Shooting is a great hobby for me; I reload for myself and some for friends. I don't compete, but enjoy watching matches. Member of Chehalem Valley Sportsman Club. Favorite hand guns: Kimber 1911 .45 ACP (model "Ten-II"; polymer/stainless; double-stack) and...
  4. T

    Recommendations for Coyote/Cougar Hunting within 2 hour drive of Portland?

    Any ideas for clear cut or otherwise in low traffic areas within a 120 minute drive of Portland? Any areas in the Cascades or Coast Range? Shooting 223 or 22 250. Would like to find areas that have very low foot traffic from Portland hikers, if at all possible. Maybe national forest areas...
  5. F

    Bulk 9mm ammo $0.16-$0.18 cpr at Collector's West Portland Show (10/20-10/21)

    Just got back from the Collector's West Portland Show. There were 2 vendors that had decent prices on brass-cased 9mm FMJ. Surplus Ammo (from WA): No bargaining, credit card is +3% Remington UMC 9mm 115gr FMJ $160/1000 ($0.16 cents per round) I think they had American Eagle for $180/1000...
  6. etrain16

    King Tut @ OMSI

    Took the day off work yesterday to attend the King Tut exhibit at OMSI with my wife, daughter and the kids in her school. I knew this wouldn't be a collection of the original artifacts as I understand that no longer tours, but I wasn't sure if it would be any good. Well, I was definitely pleased...
  7. UnionMillsNW

    Surprise Party for WWII Veteran - Portland, OR

    Hey Everyone! I want to get the word out and let everyone know about a surprise party for MM3 Jesse Shafer, a WWII and Korean War veteran. His granddaughter is putting on the party. The Greatest Generation isn't going to be around much longer so it would be great if we could have as many people...
  8. R

    .380 ammo for sale

    Portland area. Pictures coming soon. Will sell in small batches for slight fee. Selling for .36 cents a round
  9. clearconscience

    90 year old woman punched in portland

    90-year-old woman punched in face in downtown Portland: 'I was out cold' This is sick and to repease this guy is a testiment to how functional and “safe” portland is. What a cesspool. How anyone could vote for the people running this city or state again is tragic. That city is a joke.
  10. T

    Oregon  Portland International Airport bag handler accused of stealing guns from passenger's luggage

    Source: Portland International Airport bag handler accused of stealing guns from passengers’ luggage A 26-year-old man who worked as a baggage handler at Portland International Airport was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stealing six guns checked in passengers' luggage. Deshawn A. Kelly is...
  11. Joe Link

    Oregon  Portland man gets 7 years in prison for theft of firearms from Tigard pawnshop

    Portland man gets 7 years in prison for theft of firearms from Tigard pawnshop
  12. R

    New Member from Portland

    Hello everybody. My name is Richard. I’m a longtime gun guy, belong to two ranges, have an Oregon CHL, and shoot in Bullseye Pistol matches at Tri-County Gun Club. I also used to shoot Highpower Rifle and plan to get back into that again too. I shoot 4 days a week, minimum; I usually shoot 5...
  13. Hawaiian

    Blade Show West back in Portland

    I know most of you also like a good knife in addition to a good gun. Blade Show West is back in Portland Oct 4 -7. I am stoked to see a premier knife show like Blade come to Portland. BLADE Show West » Join BLADE Show
  14. Hawaiian

    Blade Show West back in Portland

    I am stoked for a quality knife show to come to Portland. :s0115: Friday 10/5 - Sunday 10-7 BLADE Show West » Join BLADE Show
  15. R

    Reasonably priced safe movers in Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR

    Anyone know of trustworthy moving company that will unload a 26 foot truck load of furniture and put two safes in the garage in the Vancouver, WA area, for a reasonable price?
  16. pdxyota

    City of Portland firearm/knife/axe ban?

    20.12.050 Possession of Weapons. | Chapter 20.12 Prohibited Conduct | The City of Portland, Oregon C'mon.... look at what the City of Portland prohibits in their parks. I always carry a knife that opens by centrifugal force. UGH.:mad:o_O
  17. cigars

    Oregon  Portland woman fends off attacker with legally concealed handgun

    Surprised to see O-Live giving positive coverage to situations where guns save lives. Well, at least now it's reported and not conveniently buried or forgotten. Big eph-ewe to Burdick, Prozanski and all of the other Proggies who would say that the woman would have been morally superior if she...